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Skydive Resende

The Drop Zone Skydive Resende is located in Hangar 4 of the Municipal Airport of the city of Resende in the state of Rio de Janeiro, it has a paved runway measuring 1300 meters (4,265ft) x 30 meters (Heads 08 and 26).

Built in 1941, it is one of the oldest airports in Brazil. It is currently the only airport in these operating conditions in Rio de Janeiro willing to practice Skydiving.

The city

Cidade Resende, a Brazilian municipality located in the south of the state of Rio de Janeiro. It is the fourth municipality with the most inhabitants in the Southern Fluminense Mesoregion, after Volta Redonda, Barra Mansa and Angra dos Reis. Its territory borders the states of São Paulo and Minas Gerais.

Historically, it is one of the most valuable cities in Brazil, reminiscent of Colonial Brazil. Resende is located on the banks of the Paraíba do Sul River and is crossed by the Presidente Dutra Highway. His municipality is the last in the state covered by the highway before the border with São Paulo.

The relief of the municipality is typical of a valley, as we move away from it we find a plateau with light flattened hills and, further away, the Maciço do Itatiaia, which comprises an escarpment of the Serra da Mantiqueira, with the peak of Agulhas Negras in the background.

At the other end of the municipality, next to the São Paulo border, we find the beginning of the Serra do Mar formations, with the presence of elevations that generally exceed 600 meters in altitude. 21 °C, with a minimum of 12 °C in July and a maximum of 30 °C in January.


Area: 1,113,507 km²Altitude: 407m
Density: 111.64 inhabitants/km²
Estimated Population: 124 316 inhabitants (IBGE)
GPS locator: 22° 28′ 08″ S 44° 26′ 49″

skydiving, ballooning, balloon
balloon, parachute, scenic flight
balloon, parachute, scenic flight

The Aircraft Made for Skydiving

Designed and developed especially for skydiving, the Blackhawk turboprop is the most efficient launch machine in operation. The Cesna Caravan 208B when equipped with the Blackhawk turbine is able to quickly gain height, providing agility and comfort to the athletes.

Affectionately nicknamed "El Bigodon" for the resemblance of its exhausts to a bushy Mexican mustache, this 850shp beast carries 15 skydivers to 12,000 feet (about 3,700 meters) in just 12 minutes. It's the fastest launch in Brazil!

Know the project.

Caravan Brackhawk
balloon, parachute, scenic flight
balloon, parachute, scenic flight
balloon, parachute, scenic flight
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Airport Road - Hangar 4 - Resende Airport Neighborhood: Itapuca - Resende - RJ - CEP-27.522-160

balloon, parachute, scenic flight
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